SWEDEN [Gothenburg]

Ari3l ( Ariel Banasiak )

Started turning tables back in 2005 Mixing with all kinds of Genres at different parties and nightclubs across Sweden. By finding his true source of inspiration in nature, he tapped into Psychedelic culture which has taken his music career to a whole new level.

“Music to me is a source of emotion. It gets me deeper and deeper the longer we listen to it. Down as far as I can go and explore the emotions and other sources that tickle our brains…It’s art, it’s a beautiful language that can be expressed in many ways and that’s all about what my creations are about. Creating different worlds for us to explore. By listening with just our whole body we should be asking ourselves, what do you feel? Connect deeper with yourself and just be there, right in your center. Balance! Let’s get all Zen and have a lot of unexpected fun journeys.”  _ Ariel 

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