SWEDEN [Gothenburg]

Psybernautix / Sonic Rapture
A Sonic Alchemist Crafting Otherworldly Soundscapes

Psybernautix is the psychedelic music project of Afshin Soltani, the visionary founder of Psychedelic Gnosis Records. With a fusion of hypnotic rhythms, intricately woven melodies, and ethereal soundscapes, Psybernautix invites listeners on a transcendental journey through auditory realms.

Transitioning from instrumentalist to sonic architect, he delved into the realm of DJing, curating immersive experiences with a diverse range of psychedelic electronic music. In 2018, Afshin ventured into music production anew, birthing the Psybernautix project. With a focus on psychedelic trance, he crafts compositions that blur the boundaries of groovy full-on and forest-psy. Regular releases on his home label, Psychedelic Gnosis Records, alongside collaborations with esteemed counterparts, showcase his evolution as an artist.

At the heart of his frequencies lies a profound philosophy; for Afshin, music production is akin to the ancient art of Alchemy. It is a process of transmutation, where raw elements are imbued with spiritual essence, yielding transformative experiences for both creator and audience alike.

Expanding his sonic horizons, Afshin recently unveiled his new project called Sonic Rapture, a captivating exploration of trance-infused psychedelic techno. Here, he conjures pulsating rhythms and kaleidoscopic soundscapes, inviting listeners into a state of euphoric surrender.

Experience the enchantment of Sonic Rapture’s debut album, “Tale of Serpent” and immerse yourself in a world where boundaries of perception dissolve, and the infinite tapestry of consciousness unfolds.
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