SWEDEN [Gothenburg]


“I strive to create a sonic world that is as diverse as it is hypnotic. ” 


BEORN is a relatively new side project from Björn Olsson A.K.A Diffus, his well-established and famed project in the psytrance scene. 

With BEORN he explores another side of his musical creativity. It’s open for experimentation and the playfulness of blending genres of organic house, melodic techno, Indie Dance, Psytech, New Techno, and progressive psytrance. just like with his other project, the boundaries between genres are blurred. Nothing is off-limits.

The Beorn project came about when he became invested in hardware synthesizers and drum machines about 10 years ago. At first, it was pure experimentation to learn the machines, but over time, it also became a creative output for ideas that didn’t fit with the style of the Diffus project, which ultimately evolved into the BEORN.

His first official live performance with the Beorn project was really well received at the Swedish famous psychedelic festival – Foreststar (2023) and his surprise DJ set on Cirkus Paralello’s YRA RYA with Tim Taste.

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